Fools at Court

7953aProverbs 29:9 If a wise man goes to court with a fool,
the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace.

There are some things that are just ‘a waste of time’. No matter how noble the pursuit or how righteous the wronged, the fool will always steal the floor.
be aware of this principle at every level.

The wise man (Leader) goes to the courts to seek an audience with the King. The wise man needs the King’s insight, support or permission.


Fools will try to ride your coat-tails.
Fools will try to impose their agendas
Fools will ‘stumble’ into your way unwittingly

So, be aware of what “courts” you allow the people at different levels of your life into.

The court of the King is where the wise man goes above himself for help.
Be very careful who you take into this court. If they’re not ready for it, or have their own agenda you may soon find yourself voiceless in front of your King.

If you take the people you are leading into THIS court they will often feel like it is an admission of ineptitude and a free pass to go over your head. Then they will steal the floor and rant to the king – both about their issues (agendas) and about you.

As much as you NEED people at every level in your life, both to support you, and to minister to, you need to be aware of their burden-capacity.

So why would a wise man take a fool to the courts (with him)?

1. Because he feels he needs to make a stronger case to the king
2. Because he feels obliged to be inclusive – even to the fool who demands his own way
3. Because he believes that exposing his followers to the ‘court’ will be beneficial to them (experience)

Why these three reasons aren’t good enough:

1. If you can’t present your needs to the King (God, your leaders, etc) without a big stick, you may need to re-evaluate your needs based on their own merit.

2. All inclusiveness is the fastest way to exclude yourself. Followers are attracted to you because of you. If you begin to change you to suit your followers, they’ll soon find someone else to follow. Be all inclusive, but not at the expense of who your REALLY are.

3. remember – People are at LEVELS. If you take them too high too fast they will get ‘the bends’. But If you don’t take them quick enough, they will get bored.

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